Established in 1993, Arcas Direct Mail is a full-service database marketing firm located in Regina, Saskatchewan that offers an integrated service package from data analysis through to package design to final mailing services delivery – all in-house. We work at the intersection of analytics, strategy/marketing planning and direct mail technology. We focus on adding value in supporting retention, acquisition, and loyalty programs.

Led by President & CEO, Rakesh Kapila, the firm’s strengths in research, data management & analytics and strategic execution of integrated mailing programs have made Arcas a supplier of choice for companies and organizations right across Canada.

End-to-End Solutions Based on Strategic Insights

Arcas understands that direct mail marketing is truly a combination of art & science. 
We leverage our strategic data insights and translate them into targeted and customized direct mail campaigns that produce measurable outcomes. Utilizing our top of the line production facilities, we are able to offer end-to-end direct mail solutions with quality, speed and professionalism.

Within Arcas is a strong IT division that provides custom application development, manages client data warehouses, data processing, data capture and database management/hygiene services.

Arcas has invested strategically in mail handling equipment – including our Pitney Bowes FlowMaster inserter – that utilizes intelligent systems to ensure accuracy and precision in all of our mailing projects.

A Canada Post Recognized Smartmail Marketing Partner

Arcas Direct Mail is recognized as a Smartmail Marketing Partner of Canada Post – allowing us access to a specialized group of expertly-trained Canada Post professionals.  This group is only available to Smartmail Marketing Partners. Canada Post has very specific requirements that a mail house must meet to qualify as a Smartmail Marketing Partner. Arcas works with Canada Post professionals to ensure that postage charges are minimized by meeting the incentive mail requirements and that daily delivery volumes and delivery mode documentation is maintained.


‘Quality as a Priority’ Philosophy

We view quality as a culture, not a program — a service commitment, not an enhancement. We are committed to continual evolution and innovation of our business processes to meet the ongoing needs of our clients. Establishing a solid process infrastructure initially allows us to have the ability to adapt quickly to organizational and industry changes. This approach not only enhances our competitiveness in the marketplace, but it allows for growth and continuous improvement in our internal activities.

Internationally-Acclaimed In-House Creative Services

Arcas Direct Mail recognizes the need to have access to creative designers and copy writers to facilitate concept development of any direct mail or marketing materials. Arcas Direct is an integrated marketing solution provider, we are able to provide access to creative services via Arcas Advertising – a successful and internationally renowned advertising agency division of Arcas.

Arcas Advertising provides complete strategic and creative marketing campaigns from consultation to conceptualization and to creative delivery and media strategy for a myriad of local, national and international clients.

Whether your requirement is traditional or non-traditional media, Arcas Advertising has a multi-disciplinary team who are focused on solutions and results that can deliver targeted creative for your direct mail services needs or complement them with other media support and tactics, including website and digital design. View their work and information here.