Direct mail and direct marketing continue to be key segments of the advertising and marketing sectors. With the wealth of knowledge companies have about their customers – and those they want to have as customers – one the most effective means of communication continues to be mailings. Arcas Direct is Saskatchewan’s leading provider of direct marketing production services with experience and a client base across Canada.

The Right Equipment – and People – For the Job

We have unsurpassed capacity in equipment and a wealth of experienced people to manage the largest and most complex programs. We make customized relevant messages for each and every customer or prospect not only possible, but imperative.

Our solutions take organizations from strategy and message development through to in-the-mail, then on to response handling. We handle an entire range of communications delivered through the mail. Each year we mail hundreds of thousands of annual reports, magazines, loyalty program statements, newsletters, customer notices, contest promotions and much, much more.

Our full complement of direct marketing and mail services that can help you grow your business are as follows:

Direct Mail and Direct Marketing

  • Direct Mail Services (all Canada Post products)
  • Design and Layout Services
  • Variable Imaging Services
  • Laser Printing Services
  • Lettershop Services – includes automated and manual envelope inserting, multiple component inserting, direct addressing, tabbing capabilities, folding, postage metering
  • Stock Fulfillment Services
  • Post Office Delivery

IT Services

  • Database Management
  • Ability to Process Multiple Data Formats
  • Duplicate Checks
  • Mail Merging
  • Data Hygiene and Cleansing – address verification, postal code correction, NCOA, etc.)
  • Canada Post Approved Data Sortation
  • Data Analysis and Segmentation
  • Multiple Database Consolidation
  • Data Targeting Solutions
  • Demographic and Geographic Targeting
  • Response Analysis


Arcas manages sensitive client data and materials on a daily basis and provides stringent confidentiality and security controls.

Our Regina offices and lettershop facility have upgraded internal surveillance systems utilizing nine digital video cameras located throughout the building, including our direct mail production floor. Production staff are supervised by a manager at all times and access to the production floor, where variable imaging and insertion occurs, is limited.

The surveillance system also covers the warehouse where client forms and supplies are stored. In the event of sensitive or high risk products, Arcas is able to provide storage in a locked, secured area accessed by electronic key pad. This area is also monitored by digital camera 24/7.